The Great Sacandaga Lake is located In the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains - The Great Sacandaga Lake is close to Saratoga and Lake George!
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The Doggy Boat Ladder by Paws Aboard is great for any dog you want to take out in the water. This unique dog ladder is also an excellent choice as a boat ramp for use with arthritic, older, or overweight pets. It provides an easy exit, so your pet reduces the risk of seriously straining or injuring joints.

Your pet will find it easy for him to get out of the water and back aboard with this unique boat ramp. You will find it easy to carry, install and store The Doggy Boat Ladder. No more struggling with a wet pet and running the risk of back injury.

Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket and Designer Doggy Life Jackets Keep Pets Safe on the Water – The Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jackets provide ultimate buoyancy and high visibility to keep pets safe on the water.

The Ski Rope Dog Leash provides the experience of water-skiing without the water - almost. At least you'll look way cool when you walk your dog along the shoreline and docks.

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Boating with Your Pet
on the Great Sacandaga Lake


Before hitting the high seas with your pet, be sure to take necessary provisions to ensure that your pet's trip is a happy and safe one.

Identification Tag: Make sure your pet has a collar with an identification tag. Include contact information, marina address and slip number.

Familiarization with the Boat: It is best to gradually introduce your pet to your boat and the water. Let your pet explore the boat while it is docked before going out on the water. Turn on the engine and let them get used to its sound, smell, and feel while the boat is docked. Then, take your pet out on small cruises and gradually build up to longer cruises.

Safe & Easy Boat Access: Provide a special pet ramp for your pet to get on and off the boat. This not only includes from the dock to the boat but also from the water to the boat. Pets weigh much more wet than dry and it can be very difficult to lift them back into your boat after a swim.

Floatation Device: A personal floatation device (a.k.a. life jacket) can also ensure safety while on the water. Not all pets can swim (including some dogs). Even if your pet is a good swimmer, getting tossed overboard can put any animal into a panic. In addition, your pet could suffer from exhaustion or hypothermia. Many pets also fall into the water from the dock or while trying to get from the dock to the boat. Having your pet equipped with a floatation device with a lifting handle makes retrieving your pet much easier and safer. Help your pet get used to the PFD by first practicing at home for short periods of time. Start by putting the PFD on your pet and let them walk around with it on. The next step is to let your pet swim with it on for a short period. It's a new experience for your pet so it's important for them to get used to it before the boat trip.

Proper Hydration & Staying Cool: Pets do not sweat, so keep an eye out for heavy panting or drool and a rapid heart beat. Protect pets from heat by providing some shade on the boat, providing plenty of water and keeping the deck cool to protect paw pads. Bring along a travel water bowl and fresh water. It is critical to hydrate pets before they get into the water. Otherwise, they will drink the natural water and may get sick.

Going Potty: A big challenge of boating with your pet is making provisions so that they can go to the bathroom. Bringing along your cat's litter box and securing it inside the cabin is a good solution for your feline friends. Dogs, however, are a bigger challenge. If your boat trip does not allow for regular land stops for your dog to do their business, then provisions must be made so that they can relieve themselves on the boat. A portable dog potty that simulates grass is an excellent solution. We recommend the Pup-Head Portable Dog Potty.

Health Records: If your boating destination is a marina or place that you're not familiar with, be sure to bring along a copy of vaccination and health records. Some places may require proof of immunization before letting pets explore on land.

Call Ahead: While most marinas and parks welcome pets, there are some that aren't pet-friendly. Be sure to call ahead before arriving on shore.

For boating supplies for pets, visit our online store, Bonzo Beans Pet Travel Store


Diva the Wonderdog
(photo above)

On Saturday July 12th. My husband and I were cruising in our boat with our two pets around Sinclair Point to Sport Island pub on Sacandaga Reservoir to meet one of our friends.

When we arrived our friend asked where Diva our Scottie was. To our horror she was gone and must have fallen off the boat at some point. We had no idea where but we stopped to take a plastic bag off our propeller off Sinclair Point and thought she may have fallen off there.

This all happened around 5:15. We went back searching and telling everyone we could to look out for her. We even dialed 911 and called over a police boat to help us. Out to the point we went and back with no sign of her. Our hearts sank and we started for home looking and hoping but it was 8:15 and hope was fading fast.

As I started to lose all hope I saw a little black object on a beach and told my husband to drive closer.

As we approached we saw the tips of her ears and her red collar. Yes it was our Diva! We joyously picked her up but we're amazed that she could have gotten to the beach. We figure she must have swam for at least a 1/2 mile in choppy water with boats all around.

It is a miracle we found our little dog. We will now always have her life preserver on.

Submitted by
Ony Antonucci



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