The Great Sacandaga Lake is located In the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains - The Great Sacandaga Lake is close to Saratoga and Lake George!
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Great Sacandaga Lake Masons

Stones Are Porous - Sealing

All stones, due to their granular construction, are porous to a greater or lesser extent and most granites fall into the latter category. To reduce the slight ability of granite to absorb liquids, the surface is treated with a proprietary sealer that penetrates the surface and fills the microscopic voids between the crystals. This process is done in the factory at the completion of manufacture and again when installed.

We recommend that you re-seal granite every 6 month to 1 year, depending on the use and porosity of the stone. Marble, Limestone and other natural stones will also have to be re-sealed every year.


With the lighter coloured granite you may notice a slight darkening of the stone in areas where water has been allowed to stand, but this should fade away as it dries out.

While Granite is highly stain resistant, substances such as oils, grease, and products that contain these substances can stain or darken your granite if not wiped up quickly.

Other natural stones other than granite have a much higher chance of staining. Please use the utmost care and wipe up spills immediately.

You can purchase specially formulated Stain Remover Products to take extra care of your stone and remove unwanted stain professionally..

Acids and Alcohol

Marble and Limestone are susceptible to the aggressive action of acids and alcohol. Care should be taken to remove spillage of fruit juice, particularly lemon, wine and vinegar, beetroot etc., e.g. the residue of red wine on the base of wineglasses will leave its mark. Nail varnish and any other solvent or oil based products will stain if not wiped up immediately.

Materials not to be used on Granite: Formic acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Nitric acid, Sulphuric acid, Phosphoric acid, Hydrochloric acid.

Routine Care

We recommend that you clean your granite worktops with either a mild soap (or a non-abrasive light neutral detergent (PH7)) and water or a cleaner specifically made for stone surfaces (please view our stone care products for more information). To dry your granite, you can use a chamois leather or similar. Drainer Grooves can be cleaned using a wire wool.

Do not use glass cleaner to clean marble, travertine, slate, limestone or onyx under any circumstances!

Scratching and Chipping

Under normal use Granite should not scratch or chip. It is safe to occasionally cut and slice on your worktops. However, we recommend using a cutting board to keep from dulling your cutlery. Dragging very heavy objects, such as a tool box with dirt, grit or sand on its bottom may cause the granite to scratch.

Heat Resistance

Pots and Pans taken directly from your oven or stove top can be places directly onto your granite worktops. Burning or marring will not occur. Natural stones other than granite are not heat resistant.

Marble, Travertine, Onyx and Limestone are highly porous materials that can stain, scratch, etch, chip and crack if not taken care of properly.


From Ashlar Mason Stone Care



Natural Stone & Building Industry Uses
A Zarrelli Construction CO Incorporated
234 Kingsboro Ave
Gloversville, NY

Cranesville Block Company
252 N Comrie Ave
Johnstown, NY

Ever Green Lawn & Landscape
827 State Highway 29a
Gloversville, NY

Innovative Wall & Patio
518 883-8236
Professional Builders of
Stonewalls, Walkways & Patios

Tim Insogna Full Chimney Service
172 County Highway 157
Gloversville, NY

J & G Home Improvements
212 Steele Ave Ext
Gloversville, NY

LM Mason Contractors
211 S Main St
Gloversville, NY

Lucas John M Jr Certified Chimney Sweep & Repair
32 5th Ave
Gloversville, NY

301 Riceville Road
(518) 661-5601
Complete Line of Masonry Supplies & Tools
State approved and DOT inspected

Stewart Masonary
1719 State Highway 67
Johnstown, NY 12095
Business Types: Masonry & Bricklaying Contractors

Top Hat Chimney Sweeps
123 Robwil Dr
Fort Plain, NY 13339



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