The Great Sacandaga Lake is located In the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains - The Great Sacandaga Lake is close to Saratoga and Lake George!
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Photo Courtesy of Gordon's Marine
Nature on the Great Sacandaga Lake .............


A river otter (Lutra canadensis ) crossing the ice - Photo courtesy of the National Park Service
more info on the river otter | info for kids from national Geographic


The Adirondacks are home to:

Black Bears, White Tailed Deer, Common Loons, Mergansers, Bald Eagles, Beavers,Coyotes, Fishers, Bobcats, Brook and Lake Trout, Laand-Locked Salmon and more.

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Amphibians and Reptiles



Scat and Tracks

Paddling with an Adirondack Bull Moose in the Moose River Plains, by nature photographer Jeff Nadler.

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Painted trillium by David Ruppert -
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Trees and Wildflowers

Its forests are comprised of hardwoods and softwoods, including maple, black cherry, beech, balsam fir, hemlock, Scotch and red pine and spruces of several varieties. Woodland wildflowers such as showy ladyslippers bloom in the spring, while many waterways are graced with white and yellow water lilies throughout the summer. There are several Alpine summits in the Adirondacks where rare plants thrive under adverse conditions. Hikers are cautioned to stay on paths or bare rocks when visiting these summits.

Hepatica by David Ruppert -
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The Adirondacks are part of the Canadian Shield. Contrary to popular belief, these mountains are not old, "worn down" peaks, but relatively young mountains born as a result of orogeny, or uplift, followed by etching and carving by mile-high glaciers. It is theorized that there is a geologic "hotspot" beneath the Adirondacks that is causing continuing uplift. The mountains continue to grow at the rate of 1.5 millimeters annually.

While the mountains themselves are young, the rock of which most are formed, anorthosite, is among the oldest of the various types found on earth.

Turkey Vultures at Dawn
Great Sacandaga Lake

The turkey vulture is one of the only birds in North America with a sense of smell. This vulture relies both on its keen eyesight and powerful nose to search out food.

Contrary to popular belief, circling vultures do not necessarily indicate the presence of a dead animal. Circling vultures may be gaining altitude for long flights, searching for food, or playing.

These birds soar on thermals of warm, rising air. This allows them to best conserve their energy in flight. After rising on the thermal, they glide as far as possible before they need to gain altitude again. They also rely on thermals of warm air to remain aloft while scanning the ground for food.

You will certainly see vultures in the air over a carcass, but in the case of small carcasses, the descent is rapid. As for larger carcasses, while remaining on the lookout for food, vultures are equally attuned to their fellow vultures. They note when others' behavior indicates the discovery of a food source, and will flock to the area. Often, the entire group will remain aloft until sufficient birds have arrived to dispose of the carcass in a timely fashion.

Please note, however, that American vultures are not known to circle a dying animal.





A black bear mother with her cub -

A baby common loon hitches a ride on its mother’s back. Hatchlings are able to fly about 11 weeks after hatching.

A bobcat sitting on a rock -

Wading on its long, thin legs, a great blue heron scouts for prey.

An osprey preparing to dive -







DEC Information




Biting Insects




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