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Spring is Ideal for Yearly Maintenance for Your Snowblower
y Eric Loveday, published Mar 24, 2008

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As the winter season and snowfall comes to an end, you probably will put your snow blower away until next season. However, there are a few steps that you should take this spring to assure that your snow blower will start and function correctly come next winter.

Yearly maintenance on a snow blower is just as important as any other piece of equipment you own. Maintenance on a snow blower is typically done in the spring before it is put away for the season. That way, your snow blower will be ready when the first snow falls next year. By preparing your snow blower in the spring, you save yourself from being out next winter in the middle of a snowstorm with a snow blower that won't start or one that needs maintenance done right when you were counting on it to remove the 6 inches of fresh snow that just fell.

Spring is the ideal time to service your snow blower. If you need parts of maintenance done by professionals, they will likely not be busy or overwhelmed with work like they will be when everyone else takes their snow blowers in for maintenance or tune ups in the late fall or early winter. Getting this out of the way now will save you hassle next winter.

There are only a few maintenance steps that your snow blower requires every year to keep it in good working order. These steps are easy for the do it yourselfer and will save you money over having a professional do the work for you.

First, you will want to inspect your snow blower fan any damage. Look it over top to bottom and see if anything appears broken or bent. If everything checks out ok then you can turn to the next step.

Next, look at the auger. If it is the type that has rubber bolted on to it, inspect the rubber for wear and for tears. Your owner's manual will provide details about what to look for in terms of wear on the rubber. If it needs replacement, head to a supply shop and purchase the replacement pieces. Replacing is as easy as unbolting the existing rubber piece and bolting the new rubber piece on.

Next, remove and replace the spark plug. Take the old plug with your to your local automotive or supply store and ask for an identical replacement plug. With the new plug in hand, screw it back in and tighten it down. Replace the spark plug wire and move on to the next step.

Removing the old gas from your snow blower is a critical step. Ideally, you want to store the snow blower with no gas in the system. Gasoline will collect moisture over time and come next year, the bad moisture filled gas may prevent the snow blower from starting. To drain the gas you will need a container to put the old gas in and possibly the help of a friend. Unscrew the gas cap, position the container in the right position, and tip the snow blower slightly to begin draining the gas. A friend can help you lift the snow blower to remove all of the gas. Dispose of the gasoline correctly, or reuse it in another suitable device such as a 2 stroke weed whacker or a chainsaw.

Now that the snow blower is drained, I suggest adding a couple drops of 2 stroke oil into the gasoline tank. The oil will help to keep the piston and engine lubricated until further use. Add the oil and pull the starter cord a few times to circulate the oil.

The maintenance on your snow blower is now complete. You may now put it away and rest easy knowing that it will start next winter when that first snow storm comes in.

Yearly maintenance is critical for most equipment. Maintenance assures you that each piece of equipment will work to their potential and will be reliable for years to come.







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