The Great Sacandaga Lake is located In the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains - The Great Sacandaga Lake is close to Saratoga and Lake George!
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Great Sacandaga Lake Snowmobile Clubs

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Trail Etiquette

You will be sharing the trail with other users no matter where you ride. They may be other snowmobilers, grooming equipment, other recreational users, road users if the trail is on a road, and, most definitely, wildlife. Most, if not all, will have just as much right to the trail as you do. How you approach their presence makes a great deal of difference in how safe the trail is for everyone.

Stay to the Right

Yield to other traffic when necessary.

Be aware of faster riders overtaking you from behind. Let them pass.

Never block an intersection.

Never stop side-by-side on a trail.

Never stop in the middle of a trail.

Yield to trail groomers.

When encountering automobiles and trucks on shared-use roads, stay to the right, go slow, use the kneeling or standing position to be more easily seen, and always yield to the vehicle.

Be polite to other trail users: remember that you are an ambassador for your sport.

When you encounter skiers or snow walkers, slow down to the minimum to maintain forward motion. When you encounter dogsleds or horseback riders, slow to a crawl, and yield the way.

If you encounter ATV's or motorcycles, remember that they do not have the control and maneuverability of a snowmobile, and must be given lots of room.

If you are lucky enough to encounter wildlife on the trail, slow way down or stop entirely so as not to alarm the animals. You'll get a better look that way. Never chase or harass wildlife.

No matter who you meet on the trail, ride sharefully. It protects your right to ride.

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Snowmobile Guide


Bleeker Snow Rovers
PO Box 162
Gloversville, NY 12078

The Bleecker Snow Rovers was formed around 1972 by a group of dedicated snowmobilers in the Town of Bleecker. This group maintained the trails through the town so neighboring snowmobile riders would have a more enjoyable ride. The Club has grow slowly, but the maintenance has grown immensely. A lot of the working members are of the same families that started the Club back in 1972.

Charlton Snowmobile Club, Inc.


Cell 518 441-2924
H 518 882-9543

PO Box 305
Burnt Hills, NY 12027

Our system is a 40 mile trail section consisting of corridor 8A, 8B, and 7D. It connects Ballston Lake to the Great Sacandaga Reservoir in Broadalbin, with a section that extends from West Charlton towards Amsterdam. We have a membership over 300. We offer Business Memberships, organized trail rides, have an interactive and informative web site, parking areas for members, sponsor snowmobile safety education programs, and much more.

The Country Trailblazers, Inc.
P.O. BOX 839
Still water, NY 12170-0839 

East Galway Snowmobile Club
PO Box 542
Middle Grove, NY 12850

The Club was established in 1994. The club trail is number 8A and is supported by approximately 50 land owners.

Frontier Sno-Riders Inc.
P.O Box 133
Duanesburg, New York 12056

Fulmont Snow Travelers
PO Box 84
Fonda NY 12086 

We service over 80 miles of groomed snowmobile trails through Fulton and Montgomery Counties. To find out what’s happening, check out our monthly Newsletter and Events Schedule and please visit the rest of our web site for more club information.

The Ful-Mont SnowTravelers are a proud member of the New York State Snowmobile Association

Greenwich Trailblazers
PO Box 235
Greenwich, NY 12834

Mohawk Valley Sno - Bobbers Inc.
675 Mac Elroy Rd.
Ballston Lake, NY 12019

Mulleyville Trail System
3 Deerfield Place
Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Nick Stoner Trailers
PO Box 194
Caroga Lake, NY 12032

In 1974 a group of snowmobile enthusiasts from the Caroga Lake area formed the Nick Stoner Trailers Snowmobile Club to improve trails and promote the sport. Since then the club has become an icon to the local community and has grown slowly but steadily. This web site is an effort to reach out to more people to let them know about the club and the trail system in the Caroga area.

Oppenheim Trail Blazers
PO Box 172
Dolgeville, NY 13329

Sacandaga Snow Mobile Club
P.O. Box 1120
Northville N.Y. 12134

Southern Adirondack Snowmobile Club, Inc.
PO Box 142
Mayfield, New York 12117

We are located in Mayfield, NY. We currently have 15 miles of groomed trails and are in the process of attaining more. They start at the Southern part of the Great Sacandaga Lake and travel up and thru the village of Mayfield. From there you travel thru beautiful foothills and mountains of the Adirondacks.

For those of you familiar with our trails, we have a common meeting place called the "T", on any given day or night you are sure to meet some fellow snowmobilers at this site.


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