The Great Sacandaga Lake is located In the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains - The Great Sacandaga Lake is close to Saratoga and Lake George!
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  1. Benefit run starts at Noon!

  2. You can start the run at ANY bar.

  3. Need to pay the host bar by 7:00 PM.

  4. Cards will be drawn at 8:00 PM

  5. Benefit run is $15

  6. (4% donated to designated benefit)

  7. MUST be present to win

  8. 5 card Minimum

  9. 7 card Maximum

  10. Your BEST 5 cards are your playing hand


50% = First Place

30% = 2nd Place

20% = 3rd place

$50 for worst Hand

Anyone can ride -
MUST be 18 to play

All Local and New York State Laws and Park Rules and Regulations Apply!
Have Fun and ride SAFELY  - at your own risk!

Ranking of Poker Hands



2015 Great Sacandaga Lake
Snowmobile Fun Run Schedule

To Benefit local Charities

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Trail Etiquette

You will be sharing the trail with other users no matter where you ride. They may be other snowmobilers, grooming equipment, other recreational users, road users if the trail is on a road, and, most definitely, wildlife. Most, if not all, will have just as much right to the trail as you do. How you approach their presence makes a great deal of difference in how safe the trail is for everyone.

Stay to the Right

Yield to other traffic when necessary.

Be aware of faster riders overtaking you from behind. Let them pass.

Never block an intersection.

Never stop side-by-side on a trail.

Never stop in the middle of a trail.

Yield to trail groomers.

When encountering automobiles and trucks on shared-use roads, stay to the right, go slow, use the kneeling or standing position to be more easily seen, and always yield to the vehicle.

Be polite to other trail users: remember that you are an ambassador for your sport.

When you encounter skiers or snow walkers, slow down to the minimum to maintain forward motion. When you encounter dogsleds or horseback riders, slow to a crawl, and yield the way.

If you encounter ATV's or motorcycles, remember that they do not have the control and maneuverability of a snowmobile, and must be given lots of room.

If you are lucky enough to encounter wildlife on the trail, slow way down or stop entirely so as not to alarm the animals. You'll get a better look that way. Never chase or harass wildlife.

No matter who you meet on the trail, ride carefully. It protects your right to ride.

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January 10, 2015

To Benefit the Northville Rotary Club

Lakeside Tavern & Marina
306 Woods Hollow Road - Broadalbin



January 17, 2015

To Benefit Nick Raychick

Kristel's Lodge on the Lake
113 Vunk Road - Broadalbin


January 24, 2015

To Benefit Zoie Bardin

Captain Nauti's
762 South Shore Road, Edinburg NY



January 31, 2015

To Benefit the Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department

Wally's Driftwood Park
Vandenburg Point Road


February 7, 2015

Benefit run for the Lions Club!

Placid Pines
773 Northshore Road, Hadley NY


February 14, 2015

Benefit run for the lions club!

Sport Island Pub
108 Riveside Blvd - Northville, NY


February 21, 2015

To Benefit the Edinburg Volunteer Emergency Squad

Ponderosa Pines
771 North Shore Road, Edinburg, NY



February 28, 2015

To Benefit Pink Ribbon Riders

Old Trail Inn
232 N Shore Rd, Hadley, NY




March 7, 2015

To Benefit Northville Volunteer Fire Department

Inn at the Bridge
641 Bridge Street, Northville, NY 12134




Winter Fireworks
in front of the Lanzi's on the Lake at dusk


Sacandaga Lake was voted the 2nd Best place in the Country to be for Nightlife by Snow Goer Magazine 2004, So be sure to check out our Lake front Restaurants  and Nightlife!! 

Snowmobile Guide


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