The Great Sacandaga Lake is located In the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains - The Great Sacandaga Lake is close to Saratoga and Lake George!
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Snowmobile the Great Sacandaga Lake


Demolition of the old Batchellerville Bridge over the Great Sacandaga Lake will continue through the winter. The New York State Department of Transportation is reminding ice users that once the Lake has frozen over, they should use caution near the work area. The attached flyer provides information on the work scheduled to take place and how it is expected to affect ice conditions.


Should you have any questions regarding the project or this notice, please feel free to contact NYSDOT Engineer-in-Charge Bert Maine at 518-863-4977 or
Thank you.

Travel responsibly on designated roads and trails or in permitted areas.

Travel only in areas open to snowmobiling.

Avoid trails with inadequate snow cover.

When climbing a hill, approach the summit with caution.

Do not ride off cornices.

Avoid riding on frozen waterways when possible.

When approaching a corner, reduce your speed to avoid sliding.

Lean into turns with your upper body to enhance the sled’s maneuverability.


Cross roadways at a 90-degree angle.


Pump your brake when going downhill to avoid locking the brakes.


Be aware of unmarked hazards or obstacles hidden beneath the snow.

Travel at reasonable speeds.

When riding at night, use extra caution. Wear reflective clothing and reduce your speed.

Do not accommodate extra riders over the delineated limit.

Comply with signs and barriers.

Buddy up with two or three riders as riding solo can leave you vulnerable if you have an accident or breakdown.

Avoid riding in potential avalanche areas. Use terrain to your advantage, avoiding steep slopes, cornices, and gullies or depressions; periodically check for clues to an unstable snowpack. Remember, one rider at a time on slopes.

For more in-depth information about snowmobiling, download the Tread Lightly! Guide to Responsible Snowmobiling.

The Great Sacandaga Lake hosts a series of Snowmobile Fun Runs to benefit local Chairites the runs are every Saturday beginning in Mid January and running through Mid-March. CLick the link above for a list of the events, rules, and card rankings.


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